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Tatyana, Canada: My abortion story is nothing but positive.

My abortion story is nothing but positive. I luckily live in Canada, where abortion is completely legal and accessible (not always easily due to location) but it is accessible!

I was in my early 20s, working 2,3 sometimes 4 jobs just to pay my bills. I had copper IUDs for years by now and never thought they would fail me! But it did and I was pregnant, for the first 3 tests I didn't even believe it. Would I make a good parent? Probably. Does that mean I needed to be one? Absolutely not! I did for the first few days think I would go through with the pregnancy but shortly after I was struck with the absolute positive idea to abort.

Once I knew in my heart this was the right decision it was simple to make the next step. I phoned the nearest clinic (which was 4 hours away) and made an appointment. I got the day off work and drove down. At that point they walked me through everything and options and made an appointment for 10 days from now for the actual procedure. Which was the worst 10 days ever! Between me mentally wanting this OVER and GONE and the hormones I was an absolute anxious mess, I could barely function so luckily I saw my local Dr who prescribed me anxiety medication and pills for the nausea.

I went back to the city the night before the procedure and had a nice evening in hotel. First thing in the morning I took my provided Advil and Ativan. The procedure was super quick, once the IV was in my hand it was maybe 5 minutes, then to the recovery room for maybe 20 minutes. There was several other women in that recovery room of all ages. I remember feeling so much relief as I walked out, I was a bit hormonal and anxious for another month or so while my body went back to being itself.

I never question my choice, I have never felt even a tingle of regret. I will never stop standing up for women's choices and will never back down from that decision being the right one! I wish other countries could take a page from us, where the protestors outside that clinic was one homeless man who was not allowed on the same side of the street. All in all, I won't lie and give the line "it was a really difficult decision" because for me, it wasn't! I was pregnant and didn't want to be, end of story.

I'm in my 30s now, happily married and working in the care field, we own our home and I live a really great life!


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