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Our Team
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Joanne Popińska

Director, Producer

Joanne Popinska is a Polish-Canadian XR director and producer. She believes that every individual has the power to change the world around us.


Dr. Joanne Popinska, the co-founder of Infinite Frame Media, is a documentarian, and sociologist, with a Ph.D. in Film Directing (specialization: VR) from the Polish National Film School. She dedicates her creative vision to developing important conversations around complex topics such as human rights, animal rights, and the environment. By using the latest technology and various narrative techniques, she is continually exploring how to get the attention of audiences and how to evoke empathy and interest from different perspectives.


Kristen Herring

The Choice Interviewee

Kristen Herring, a disabled white and Lumbee Womxn, is an intersectional feminist activist, a caregiver for over 15 years, and a storyteller living in Austin, Texas. A lifelong volunteer and recent philanthropist, Kristen has been an advocate for intersectional feminism having come from a diverse family and living in America with a pre existing condition and mental disabilities.

After the first year of living in Austin, Kristen experienced an unhealthy pregnancy and found out just how difficult it is for Texans with a uterus to have freedom and the right to bodily autonomy. Since then she has partnered with pro abortion care groups sharing her story in hopes to change the way people vote and care for people who are pregnant. Kristen uses her social media to educate the public on intersectional feminism and highlights Indigenous Peoples who are constantly erased by American society and culture.


Tom C. Hall

DOP, Producer

Travelling around the globe, Tom C. Hall is an award-winning stereographer, cameraman and virtual-reality filmmaker.
Tom habitually explores how emerging technology can enable storytellers to better connect with their audiences and drive the artform of cinema forward. As a lead technological thinker he made possible the Canadian Screen Awards-nominated Horizon: A 360 Journey, a large format 360° film experience to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada. A pioneer in virtual reality filmmaking, Tom is  consistently pushing the envelope of what the future of narrative storytelling could be in the 21st century.


Zoe Roellin


Zoe Roellin is a VR artist and illustrator from Switzerland who works with VR drawing tools such as Oculus Quill to bring stories to life in VR.


She’s created experiences for events and exhibitions including Fantoche Film Festival and Bourbaki Panorama Museum, and is teaching VR art and storytelling as a guest lecturer at The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, from which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Illustration Fiction in 2019. Her main interest lies in creating impactful, engaging narratives and using illustrations to help viewers connect to a story.


Janal Bechthold


Janal Bechthold is a Canadian composer for film, TV, games, and interactive media, who loves the emotional side of musical storytelling.

In 2021 Janal received three Canadian Screen Award nominations for her work in both film and television. The quiet emotional orchestral score for Marlene (Wendy Hill-Tout) earned her a nomination for Achievement in Music: Original Score, where the bluesy dramatic harmonica score for Company Town (CBC) and the lighter percussive score for Cottagers and Indians (CBC) earned her nominations for Best Original Score, Non-Fiction. Other notable work includes co-composing Daytime Emmy Award-winning Ghostwriter (Apple TV+) Jungle Ghost 1 & 2, scoring horror noir feature Art of Obsession, documentary Gods In Shackles, video game Terrorarium, and interactive graphic novels, Dystopia 2153 and 80 Degrees North.


Becca Little

Lead Software Engineer

Becca Little is a software engineer specialized in games and immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).


After receiving a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from Arizona State University in 2015, Becca began working at State Farm Insurance in IT Research & Development. She founded the company's XR team and led the development of a number of prototypes and pilots across a wide range of use cases and devices.


She is currently a senior engineer at Playbyte looking to bring video game creation and sharing to the mainstream.



Hannah Estes

Unity Developer

Hannah graduated with a degree from Texas tech university in 2019 before working for State Farm in Research and Development.


She then became an iOS developer for Sundial, State Farm’s senior living platform.

Hannah is now the lead developer at Baltu Tech, building mobile apps for workforce development and training.


Amirbahador Rostami

Unity Developer

Amirbahador Rostami is a XR Developer and creative technologist, He have worked as a educator, running coding boot camps to deploying AR/VR apps used both in commercial and research purposes.


Michael J. Brinkman

Sound Designer

Michael J. Brinkman is an Oakland, California based Supervising Sound Designer working for Skywalker Sound. With over a decade in the industry, he has nearly 100 titles to his credit, and also spent time teaching game audio at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Some titles to his name include Star Wars - Tales from a Galaxy's Edge , Star Wars - Vader Immortal (MPSE-Winner), Avengers -Damage Control (MPSE Nominee), and Dan Carlin's War Remains, among many others.

Michael is a father, husband, dog-dad, brewer, and multi-instrumental musician that used to tour the U.S. in various bands of different genres. Mike’s current passion is his Husky, Kira, and spending time with her on many camping trips.


Ryan Cota

Dialogue Editor

Ryan Cota began working in the field of Sound as an intern at a premiere music studio in Los Angeles.


He was mentored by some of the top sound engineers in the world in recording and mixing music. In 2005, he pivoted and began working with sound for film and TV. After working in each department of post sound from sound effects editing to sound design and music, he fell in love with ADR and Dialogue Editing, and  has worked on over 70 feature films since 2016. He is currently the Lead Dialogue Editor on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and began working at Skywalker Sound in September of 2021.

Our Kickstarter Backers

Our project would not be possible if it wasn't for our community of backers who supported us through Kickstarter &


Nana Kowalcze


Outreach Manager  

Nana Kowalcze is a second year student of Journalism and Social Communication at SWPS University of Social Sciences & Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. As an Intern she helped run social media for fashion designers and was involved in the creation and leading of the facebook and instagram presence of She is instrumental in leading the social media outreach of The Choice project.


Sönke Kirchhof


Associate Producer

Sönke Kirchhof is CEO and executive producer of VR Full Service VR Studio INVR.SPACE GmbH. He studied political science in Hamburg and Film – and TV Production at Filmuniversität Babelsberg. He works in the fields of VR, stereoscopic filmmaking, VFX and CGI Post-production as well as Research and Development in arts and technology since more than 15 years. He is also founder of reallifefilm international GmbH, working as Producer and Stereographer in all kind of projects. At INVR.SPACE he is in charge of all business related operations as well as deciding on creative and technological approaches. 


Ada Vaughan


Associate Producer

Ada Vaughan’s journey into filmmaking began with a B.A. at UT in Film Studies and Business Administration. In order to fulfill her ambition of making movies about women's passions, she established her own company SableFilms in 2007. Her award winning works have since been shown in film festivals all around the world.  In 2015, she began offering Gold and Platinum Levels of Oscars Advisory to talents, films and projects of exceptional quality along with All Lights Film Services.  In 2017, she launched a special program SableFilmsSelect (SFS) to extraordinary talents in the pursuit of their golden dreams with cash and in-kind assistance. She continues to represent production and post houses of Aries Group Global of Dubai, Yellow Mountain Studio and He Shan Media of China.

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