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Unique Filming Technology

To film The Choice, we at Infinite Frame Media created a new and unique capture technology.


We want the viewer to feel truly present with the subjects, believing that they are sitting next to a genuine person, not a hologram or animated character.

To create this feeling, we needed two elements: freedom of movement and stereoscopic vision.



One of the most significant aspects of entering the Virtual Reality experience is the feeling of presence: genuinely believing that your body and mind have entered this new space. This feeling is especially strong in what we call: “6dof space” -- where the participant can freely move along all six axes: up and down, sideways, forward and back. In The Choice, it means that you can lean in towards the interviewee, as we do in our everyday life when we talk to people.

To film the interview for a 6dof experience, we needed to record volumetric data of our subjects. This gives them volume and physical presence in space.

However, all available methods of volumetric capture have failed us. The result is always unnatural: either a hologram, point cloud, or an avatar with a face that looks like it’s made from clay.

We wanted the audience to meet a genuine human.


One of the most critical parts of the human visual system is seeing with two eyes. Everything we see in the world is from two slightly different perspectives. This gives us the perception of depth, but the difference each eye sees tells us what we are looking at. ​

All these subtle clues are what make the human face look and feel alive. The highlights on hair, the glare in pupils, all of these create the feeling of life in someone’s eyes.



We knew that only by combining the volumetric capture with stereoscopy could we make the audience feel truly present with our storytellers. And for the storytellers - to make them look and feel alive.

But there was no existing solution that would do it. So we decided to create our own system.

Our unique and sophisticated technology combines the two: volumetric capture with stereoscopic texture. The result is an incredibly lifelike video of real people that elevates the experience from watching a volumetric video to meeting genuine people.

You can read more on our website:

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