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Abortion Story - Loisha

In February 2018 I left work after a night shift and bought a test, my period was late and I had started to fear the worst. I used oral contraceptive but they had failed apparently as my test almost immediately showed positive.

I went online and googled info in my local city, the first result was, unbeknownst to me at that time a Crisis pregnancy center.  I sent them an email and asked for info on where to contact for termination. The CPC responded with an awful and manipulative response about how traumatic a termination can be and how I should look at options.

I was not willing to look at other options, I knew then and will always know termination was the only option I wanted.

I contacted my local Planned Parenthood and they right away set me up with a local clinic, Dr and took over all the appointment making for me. I am and always will be eternally grateful to Planned Parenthood for this.

I found out early enough that I was able to obtain a medical termination. My Dr was away for my first appointment but I went for bloodwork and the following two weeks up until meeting the Dr Were awful, I was so sick and unable to eat or move, it was the worst and most awful time in my life and the actual pregnancy part was traumatic and I wanted it to be over.

I met with the Dr in early March, she wanted to discuss options and I told her point-blank that I had never wanted children and seeing as I worked with children in ministry and foster care I did not believe in having a child when you do not want/cannot be a parent.

I was prescribed the pill for termination and left feeling relieved, we set up a time to take each pill and arranged it for my days off work. I took the second pill on my day off, it began the process and was painful for almost 2 hours. I fell asleep and when I woke up I felt relieved, I was no longer sick and felt so much relief and gratitude.

I received a call a week later and was told that my recent bloodwork came back, I was no longer pregnant. The rush of joy I felt was unbelievable after getting this news.

I have never been anything but thankful and overwhelmingly happy with my decision. I am a successful,  caring and compassionate adult woman, I live happily with my pets and my family and my belief in women having the right to CHOOSE any option is stronger than ever. I am eternally thankful to live in a country where we are not persecuted for choosing to terminate, as we never should be.

I have met so many wonderful women and I have been lucky enough to hear their stories, women who are mothers already, who are professionals, women who cannot afford to have/care for a child. Women who are too young, too old or simply do NOT want to be a mother, women like myself.

Abortion was, and still is the best decision I have ever made and I will never stop supporting any woman's right to choose.

Thank you,


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