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Winning Creative Challenge and Femme Futures Grants from Kaleidoscope!

We have some truly wonderful news today!

In the first edition of grants started by Kaleidoscope to support artists, The Choice VR won not only in one but in two categories! 😍 🔥 🙌

I am truly speechless and moved by all the warm messages and support we received from the community.

What's very different with these grants, is that it is the community of VR artists and creators who vote for the projects. Getting these awards from them - is truly a wonderful feeling! Thank you!

And huge congratulations to all the artists who took part as well. It shows how many amazing projects are out there! VR is not "dead" as many say, VR just needs a little support, especially the independent artists!

Great initiative, René J. Pinnell, and once again thank you!

And huge congrats and thank you to our team Tom C. Hall, Becca Little, Hannah Estes, Kevin Bolen, Janal Bechthold & W. Jay Moore


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