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Today I am angry - from our May Newsletter

Yes, I know, I didn’t write for a while, and I keep planning to do it, but just too many things have been happening. But today I will not describe for you what’s new with us. I wanted to, but I am too upset. I want to scream. I am so, so angry. Everything that’s been happening last months, last weeks, last days - in US… Yes, I have no words. 

For a brief moment I thought: I have no idea what to do… Is there a point in our work at all? But then, on the very same day when Alabama passed their anti-abortion bill, we were just shooting an interview with Courtney. Yes, another VR interview for our project. And later Courtney wrote to me that it was so surrealistic - to be doing this interview, on the very same day… And I realized that we cannot stop, we can’t give up, we have to keep pushing forward, keep doing what is important. Keep sharing those stories. As many as possible. 

That’s why I jumped back today on our social media, that were abandoned for a while. Both because of lack of time, and kind of slowly lacking hope more and more that it will change anything. And then Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, today Missouri… No, this is no time to give up. This is the time to pull it all together, and keep busting this stigma, keep showing real people, their stories, their emotions, their lives. 

We are just scheduling another interview for next week. 

But this is not enough. We need your help. People reach out to me, but not enough.  Too many are still afraid to show their face. They ask me if we can do it - anonymously. I always agree of course to keep all the information to myself when someone asks, but we need more stories, more faces - for the project. We need to show, not tell, your various stories, show different people, show those thousands different reasons, circumstances - that make people seek help to terminate their pregnancy. Old and young. Poor and rich. In countries where it is legal, but maybe not accessible, or illegal, and even less accessible, and probably even dangerous. Various genders. Various cultures. Various beliefs systems - making this decision often more challenging. 

Help us spread this message. Share this email with your friends. Today. Share it on some Facebook group. Today. Share it in your community. Share it, so people can learn about us and reach out. 

We need to show that this is not just a political issue, that all those recent law changes - affect us all, directly. 

Today I am not sharing any project’s updates, we will follow up shortly. Today I am upset and angry. 




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