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Many of you may have already heard about the bombshell SCOTUS leak from yesterday.

It is incredibly shocking but, unfortunately, not unexpected. While it is only a draft, it does give an insight into the "majority" opinion of the court. The reasoning within makes it clear they don't want to stop here. A ruling like this would open up rolling back things like contraceptives, same-sex marriage, and many other human rights that were won over the last century.

This is a dark day for America and a grim omen for what is to come. We have to fight harder than ever before.

We have no words and would like to express our sympathy, especially for you who live in the US. It's painful how The Choice is becoming only more relevant with the time passing. We still remember how powerless it felt when the Polish Constitutional Court effectively banned abortion, calling it "eugenics" in October 2020. Seeing the SCOTUS draft and how they motivate their decision brings the same feelings.

It's important not to give up. To keep fighting. To keep helping people. It's heartwarming to see how many activists and organizations spread the message of the community still being there for everyone who needs support. We are here. It is hard and challenging; we know it. But it's important to find a way to keep fighting.

We very much hope that The Choice can help.


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