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Vote for our SXSW2020 presentation before August 23rd!

SXSW opened their voting for picking the panels for next year, and our panel on making volumetric interactive documentary The Choice - its creative aspects, our unique stereoscopic volumetric capture tech, plus shooting on budget and not easy decisions connected to it - is up to public vote. SXSW is a great opportunity to make people aware of our work on The Choice, and to find some collaborations & distribute it (which itself will be a challenge due to VR limits). So very much: please vote and please share it!

To be able to vote, you have to create account on SXSW - here is the link:  

I tried signing up with Facebook, but it didn't work, so making dedicated account is necessary. 

Please, vote for our panel, and share it on your social media channels, to help us gather as many votes as possible!

- Joanne-Aśka


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