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Filming with Leigh

Filming with Leigh - behind the scenes

November and December were very fruitful for us. We had many important meetings - both with people from film and VR industry and working in human rights field. We presented The Choice (and our stereoscopic volumetric technology) at two conferences in Toronto (iVentures and Immersed), and we were invited to more, that will come in 2019.

But most importantly, we finished working on our capture technology, and we are able to go back and shoot more interviews. And we already shot few more!

Here you can see some behind the scenes from us shooting with Leigh.

Leigh lives in Toronto, with her then partner and now husband, and she never planned to have kids. When she got pregnant, it was quite a surprise to her, as she was doing all she could to prevent it. But it happened - like it happens to many people who try to protect themselves.

When she learnt she was pregnant, she shared this information with her partner and they went through very deep decision-making process. She described it in our in-depth interview that you will have access to when The Choice will be ready.

Leigh, thank you very, very much for so many important thoughts you shared with us!


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