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Cheryl, USA: "Each of my pregnancies ended the way I chose."

In late 1991, I unexpectedly got pregnant. I had a kid already, about six months old. I was using condoms.

I hadn't really thought about having an abortion, but my (catholic) SO immediately insisted I have an abortion. Since our living situation was very shitty, I agreed. I went to a planned parenthood.

There were no protestors. Everyone was very kind, and they knocked me out for about two minutes for my surgical abortion. When I woke up, all I felt was relief.

I've thought about it over the years, you know, how old it would be, that kind of thing. But I've never regretted it.

Four years later, I had another kid, because that was a much better time to have a baby.

Each of my pregnancies ended the way I chose. That is a right EVERY woman should have.

About 20 years later, I took a friend to the very same clinic for her abortion. I was happy she had the same option I did. Abortion is healthcare.

- Cheryl, USA


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