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What The Choice is about? & Getting ready to film interviews in Austin, Texas!!!

We made a short video explaining what our project is about. You can watch it here:

I know I have an accent, so there are subtitles available 😎

We are also focusing now to film interviews in the United States. FINALLY!

We received a grant that will help us with filming the US interviews 🙌 🙌 🙌

The grant, however,  covers only up to 50% of our costs, and we need to raise the remaining amount. It means, however, that every dollar you contribute unlocks another dollar from our grant.

We decided to use it as an opportunity to film the interviews in the US. In March 2020 film interviews in Austin Texas, right on the front lines of the war against women’s reproductive rights. 

We are asking you and your community to help contribute funds so we can utilize as much of this grant as possible.

Check out our GoFundMe page here:

And remember:

Every dollar you contribute

unlocks another dollar from our grant!

Very much can't wait to finally go to the US and interview people there - the situation there is so different, comparing to the one in Canada.

Do you remember Kristen, who shared her story with us a while ago? Yes, we are filming with her!

We are also looking for more people to share their stories, so if you have one - please get in touch. And please: share this message within your networks.


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