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May Update

Hi everyone!

We’ve been very busy since our last update behind the scenes on The Choice. Joanne-Aśka met some of you at GDC - Games Developers Conference - last month and really appreciated your feedback and support. There is a great catalogue of knowledge about non-linear, storytelling in video-games and we are really excited to continue to push forward with fusing traditional documentary narratives with emergent and dynamic virtual experiences. As filmmakers it was really great to connect with several experienced game industry professionals, and we hope to announce some collaborations and partnerships with The Choice soon.

It has taken a bit longer that we originally thought for us to wrap up our prior commitments we were working on before the Kickstarter campaign. In particular they’ve been in a very heavy crunch that has kept us away from working on The Choice as much as we could be.

Over the next month Tribe of Pan Inc. is travelling to Indonesia to help Producer Christian Kroitor of True Frame Productions to shoot a segment of his next large format 3D film. Afterwards we will then travel to the jungles of Borneo to visit the Orangutan sanctuary Camp Leakey in Tanjung Puting National Park as research for our other VR documentary project, Embers of Borneo which we plan to move onto next after finishing The Choice VR. The situation for Orangutans is dire, and it is unlikely there will be any of these great apes left in the wild by 2026.

At the end of May we will be back in Toronto and free of our full time jobs so to be able to make The Choice project our main focus going forward. We are planning to start shooting the main block of our interviews in June/July, and are going to conduct a block of them in New York City. We would love to connect to activists and organizations there so please reach out to us by email or through our social media if you can help.

One last thing: in previous email we asked you to provide the information how to tag/name you on our website and social media. Some of you didn’t answer yet and we are not sure if this means that you prefer to stay anonymous or quite the opposite - you assume that we have the information from Kickstarter page. Please, let us know specifically, it is very important. If we will not hear from you - we will assume you do not wish to be mentioned by name. Of course, you can always let us know later and we will add all necessary information. We will be putting this official information on our website and social media in June, so you have whole May to let us know. Please, email

Thank you all for your support!

Best, Joanne-Aśka & Tom


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