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Looking for your support - a fundraiser by Abortion Conversation Projects

As we are getting ready to film in the US in March, Abortion Conversation Projects are helping us to raise the necessary funds.

As you know, we are self-funded and we cover most of the costs on our own, but those costs are piling up, and some of them are impossible to avoid, travel and equipment rentals being one of them.

We've launched a fundraiser on Facebook in order to raise funds necessary for our US travel, accommodation, renting filming space and equipment. Every donation, no matter $5 or $50 - makes our work possible and helps us tremendously. It may seem little - but if 10 people do it, it adds up, and it does create a difference.

Please, support us through a donation, and share this with your networks! Even simple "share" on Facebook increases our visibility tremendously!

Thank you!


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