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February Newsletter - Filming in Austin in March

Hello everyone, some great news today!

Today we are writing about:

  • Filming in Texas in March

  • Looking for the interviewees in Austin

  • Support our fundraiser!

  • Read Abortion Conversation Projects' blog post about us

  • New video series, short Q&A

Filming in Austin, Texas

We are going to Austin, Texas, this March, to film the interviews for The Choice. We are extremely excited, as we've waited for it for a long time. And it’s happening, finally!

We will be there mid-March, attending the SXSW festival as well as to present our documentary there and hopefully find some support and collaborations. As you know, there is still so much work to be done, but if we will film enough and various interviews in Austin - we hope to close the filming-production phase. This will be a huge milestone for us, fingers crossed!

Looking for the interviewees!

And speaking about those interviews: we are still looking for more interviewees there. Please, share this information with your networks, simply re-share our posts on Facebook or Twitter, or let us know if you have some advice who should we talk to - advocacy group, local organization, anyone you might think of.

Support our fundraiser!

In order to help us with our work, Abortion Conversation Projects launched a fundraiser for us on Facebook. We are seeking support with travel and accommodation costs, renting and shipping some filming equipment, and renting filming studio. We are independent filmmakers, financing our work ourselves and with the help of our supporters, like you. Please, consider making a contribution. Any amount makes a direct impact, whether $5 or $50. Sharing our request on Facebook also helps tremendously - so please share it! 😊

And now - something to watch and read!

Abortion Conversation Projects wrote about us on their blog, very nice article - you can find it here.

And as we keep receiving questions about The Choice from you - we decided to answer them in a form of short videos. We will be posting them on our IGTV channel here. One video is already there, today we are filming the next one, and will be talking about what The Choice is about and why we are using VR. Many people do not know it well yet, so we want to tell you why we find this technology so great for this project.

Thank you for all your help, constant support, sending us motivating messages, and being with us all the time! We appreciate it very, very much!

Best, Joanne-Aśka & Tom


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