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2020 - the year of the most important US election!

As the New Year is already here, we hope you had a great holiday time and were able to take some time off, rest, and be with your families. But this year is already dreadful - just to mention all the events in Australia. Yes, we are extremely worried about what's happening there. 

Being worried is not enough. Liking posts on Facebook, signing online petitions - it shows support and is important in creating the overall awareness, but this is not how the essential change will happen. 

The change happens through action. All of us - need to act, on our own, individual level. Not everyone can and should be activist, we know that. So this is where we ask you to support what we do. 

This new year, 2020, is the beginning of the most important United States election. It's not just about defeating Donald Trump, it's about fighting with all the negative powers. Fighting for human rights, fighting for justice, fighting for the survival of the Earth as we know it - before it's too late. Somehow all those are connected, so there is hope that with changing how people think about one of those causes - we can impact how they think about the others. 

As we are getting to film interviews in Austin, Texas this coming March, we ask you to help us make it happen. 

It is critically important to share the stories of why women make the decision to exercise their own reproductive rights, and why this human right needs defending in the era of turmoil.

Please, support our crowdfunding campaign to help us cover the travel and accommodation costs. We received a modest grant that doubles each donation. 

Every dollar you contribute unlocks another dollar from our grant!

Every donation brings us closer to our goal, and every dollar donated - unlocks the matching amount from the grant.

Share this message!

If you are unable to contribute financially, you can still help us: please share this through your community, on Facebook groups, tell your friends about us. Word of mouth is huge, and the community is the power!

And just a reminder: please follow us on our social media channels:

Thank you for all your help, constant support, sending us motivating messages, and being with us all the time! We appreciate it very, very much! 


Joanne-Aśka & Tom


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