A critical question immersive stories must answer: what is the user's purpose? 

So many social impact projects made using VR technology neglect a fundamental strength of this new medium: to visit a new world and become a new person.


The emotional content of our interviews might not be something a given user might be comfortable with, but the virtual consciousness the user is pretending to be is. This gives them a purpose and point of view that opens up to ideas and choices they might not make.


We give the users another tool. At points in each story, the user can ​direct the conversation just like they are asking a question, through the artifice of the virtual consciousness avatar. This key mechanic fundamentally changes how users engage with the material, they are no longer being spoken to, but are instead speaking with the virtual representation of our real interview subjects. Each choice they make is a mini-commitment to hear an answer, each choice an act of participation.

This is what creates true empathy; not callous observation, but through agency and engagement.

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