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The Project
Why VR

The Choice is a virtual reality documentary experience inviting you to enter the digital consciousness of a virtual person dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. It is currently under development and is planned to release next year.

In the experience you “wake up” to realize that you are in someone else’s body. You hear a voice inside your head: “how could this happen? What should I do?”. These words float through the air around you, making you feel as though the thoughts are yours, that this panic is yours.


As your mind searches for answers, real people appear in this space with you. They speak to you about what shaped their decision to terminate their pregnancy and the emotions they experienced. Each person’s story is different, diverse and unique.


They respond to questions that call out through the virtual subconsciousness; How did they feel when they found out they were pregnant? How did their friends, family and the people in their lives react? Did they get support, or were they alone? Were they afraid? Scared of what could happen? Did they have doubts? Or felt shame? Was it a relief? As each person shares their experience, they paint a story from a moment in their life with all the emotions accompanying it.

The Team
"Joanne-Aśka is right – we can never be complacent about the right to abortion, because women’s rights are always a target for right-wing governments. This unique film project will shine a light on the humanity and wisdom of women’s reproductive choices – which commonly include abortion – and help create more understanding and support for people who have abortions." 
Joyce Arthur
Abortion Rights Coalition
of Canada
Share your story
and help busting the stigma

We are looking for women, transgender and non-binary people, who've had an abortion and would like to share their stories for this project. Both the VR interviews and written testimonies here on our website.


Every single story is important - so people facing this choice can realize that they are not alone and they are not the only ones. If we want to help people understand the complexities of why a person can make this choice, we have to tell them why we've made it. They can learn the various reasons, feelings, and emotions that are behind each person's choice.


Our stories are all unique because our lives are unique. What should be all the same is the right to choose.


If you've had an abortion - please share your story with us. 

You can contact us directly with this form,

or through our email

Please prepare a portrait picture you will want us to use. Our form here doesn't support uploading files - you can give us a dropbox link or send it to our email:

Thank you!

By submitting this form, you agree for The Choice project to use your first name, story, and images provided on project's website, social media posts, donor letters, grant applications and general publicity.

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