What we’ve been up to and Happy Holidays!

Hey Everyone!

I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday time. Let's hope that 2021 will be better than 2020. It’s been a very strange year. We all need a break!

I would love to share a brief summary of what's been happening with The Choice, as we have made some truly great progress, despite some occasional challenges.

The crucial moment for us was filming The Choice interviews in Austin, Texas back in March. We captured two compelling interviews. The first interview was with Kristen, who shared her heart-wrenching story about having to choose an abortion at five months due to her doctors hiding critical information regarding her pregnancy. We then interviewed Makayla, who through a series of circumstances has had two abortions; the second one being done at home on her own due to lack of accessibility of reproductive care.

Interviewing Makayla

Two very different and truly powerful stories. Thank you so much, ladies, for sharing your story with us. We couldn’t do this without your courage to tell your stories.

Currently, we are closing up work on our first chapter. With very limited funds, we decided to focus on having one interview released, to show the power behind our creative approach and technology. We hope that by premiering this first chapter, it will be much easier to organize funds to finish the full experience.

For this first chapter, we decided to share our interview with Kristen. We believe that her story will be deeply moving for many people, no matter what their take on reproductive rights is.

We have finished the story’s narrative path as well as created an interactive experience where the audience will be able to ask questions during the viewing. Yes, you will be able to talk to Kristen, and the feeling is deeply immersive. Every time I am experiencing it in VR, I am truly shocked by how realistic it feels. Can't wait for all of you to experience it for yourselves!

Interviewing Kristen

But the narrative is just the first part. We have a whole team of people working on beautiful artistic elements that will not only enhance the immersion but add completely new layers to this experience.

Zoe Roellin is making wonderful illustrations that will help you to dive into the thoughts that Kristen is sharing with you.

Janal Bechthold is creating music to guide you through her emotions, and we have a whole spectrum from pure joy and hope to deep sadness, as you might expect from the story Kristen is sharing.

Andy Martin and Kevin Bolen are creating a sound environment to immerse you in the world of Kristen's thoughts.

Our developers' team -- Becca Little and Hannah Estes, together with Tom C. Hall are combining all these elements together to create a cohesive experience. A real conversation, a real dialogue that you will be a part of. Yes, huge wow!

Kristen and her husband

Seeing it all coming together -- I am truly speechless and thankful for all the hard work!

It looks like that despite some huge challenges, we are getting very close to making it happen, and I am excited, speechless, and truly thankful.

Have a great time this holiday season, I wish you all some relaxing time with families and friends -- and I know it will not be possible to have it in person for many of us. But this all will pass, sooner or later, we just need to hang on a little!

I wish you all that 2021 will be a bit easier, and thank you all for being with us and supporting us, it's truly heartwarming!




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