Big milestone achieved, and The Choice in the press!

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Hello everyone,

We are in a very deep focus with the work on The Choice. As you might know, we are concentrating our effort on having the first chapter released within the next couple of months. It will be one full interactive interview, with all the elements together: the sound, the spatial illustrations, and the music.

The last months were very busy - we were working on the edit. With the interactive story, we first needed to define the so-called “critical path”. A narrative base that everyone will go through. We will then build the branching narrative on top of that, but it was crucial to establish how the story unfolds first.

And I am very happy to tell you that we have finished this part, quite a milestone!

Our next steps involve moving it to an interactive environment. Our team has programmed it - I will not dive into more technical aspects of what they did (partially because I only understand that it works, not how and why 🙂). So some exciting days are coming, and even more work!

And while we are working - I have some readings for you. Yes, we had quite press coverage recently. This is great, it’s important for us to keep people engaged in what we do.

Here are the articles, two are in English, one is in Polish - so only some of you will be able to read those:

  1. VR Scout -- Powerful VR Documentary ‘The Choice’ Awarded Two Kaleidoscope Grants

  2. Liisbeth -- Liisbeth: Virtual Reality - leads new reality?

  3. GirlsRoom -- The Choice - interaktywny dokument VR poruszający kwestię praw reprodukcyjnych

I have more news to share, but I will keep them for the next time 🙂

I want to keep those messages a bit shorter and to send them more regularly. So, until the next time and thank you for your continued support of The Choice!

Warm hugs,



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